Maine is the Bastard T-Shirt

This happened REALLY fast. My friend Ryan Page of the excellent powerviolence band Robocop just released their first full length album, Robocop II, on J. Randall’s (of Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame) awesome new label Grindcore Karaoke. It features a song called “Maine Is The Bastard”, referencing the legendary powerviolence band Man Is The Bastard.

I made a joke about using the famous MITB Skull and making it “Maine style.” Ryan, along with some of our friends from Decibel, thought it would make a funny shirt. Before I did anything though, I wanted to ask the forefather of MITB, Eric Wood, if he would mind me ripping him off. He did not at all, and now here is the end result. Check out all the bands involved in this. This was a very fun project.

Learn more about the project at Punk Minus Irrationalism or buy the Maine is the Bastard t-shirt.

Maine is the Bastard T-Shirt

Maine is the Bastard T-Shirt

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  1. I’m buyin one!!!

  2. mom and dad says:

    Trying to figure out where I’d wear it to…but it’s certainly “fun”!! Great art Luke!

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